Björn Daigger is a professional musician, songwriter and guitar teacher from Mannheim, Germany.

He studied guitar at the FMS Aschaffenburg as a student of Rolf Bussalb (NIGEL KENNEDY) and David Becker (DAVID BECKER TRIBUNE) and made his diploma in 2008. As a member of German metal outfit MAJESTY, Björn toured throughout Europe and played shows as support for rock and metal legends such as ALICE COOPER, MANOWAR, CHILDREN OF BODOM and QUEENSRYCHE. The 2006 album “Hellforces” (produced by the former ACCEPT-drummer Stefan Kaufmann) entered the German Top 100 album charts.

In 2010 Björn joined German rock newcomers GLOOMBALL. In 2012 the band signed a worldwide record deal with Germany’s premier Rock and Metal label, Steamhammer, a division of SPV GmbH and performed at the Frankfurt Music Fair. The debut album “The Distance” was released in April 2013, followed by concert tours with MOTORJESUS and EAT THE GUN. The second GLOOMBALL album “The Quiet Monster” was released in March 2015 – right after GLOOMBALL supported HÄMATOM on their tour through Germany. “The Quiet Monster” stayed six weeks in the top 30 of the official German Metal Rock Charts.

Currently Björn plays lead guitar for Hamburg-based Speed Metal-Band STORMWARRIOR, with whom he toured through Europe and Latin America and released in 2019 the critically acclaimed album “Norsemen” (Massacre Records/Soulfood).

For any questions, booking inquiries, studio session requests and guitar lessons feel free to contact him via email.


2019 CD STORMWARRIOR – Norsemen (Massacre Records) * **
2019 CD CRYSTAL VIPER – Tales Of Fire And Ice (AFM Records) **
2015 CD GLOOMBALL – The Quiet Monster (SPV/Steamhammer) * **
2013 CD GLOOMBALL – The Distance (SPV/Steamhammer) * **
2013 EP GLOOMBALL – The Distance (SPV/Steamhammer) * **
2012 CD V.A. – Music For The Better Taste (NoiseArt Records) * **
2012 DVD MAJESTY – Shake The Ground (Metal Entertainment) *
2012 CD V.A. – New German Rock (Golden Core Records) **
2012 CD V.A. – Rock Attack Vol. 1 (Fastball Music) *
2012 CD VIVA LA TIA – Klassifiziert (NoiseArt Records) * **
2011 CD MAJESTY – Own The Crown (Massacre Records) *
2011 CD V.A. – T.R.I.B.U.T.E. – Das Album zur G.O.N.D. (Gond) * **
2010 7″ BÖRN AGAIN – Neverending Fire (High Roller Records) *
2008 DVD V.A. – Magic Circle Festival Vol. 2 (Magic Circle Music) *
2007 CD R:I:P – …Out To R:I:P All Nations!!! (Twilight Zone Records) * **
2006 CD MAJESTY – Hellforces (Massacre Records) *
2006 EP MAJESTY – Sons Of A New Millenium (Massacre Records) *
2005 DVD V.A. – Keep It True IV (Steelpride Records) *
2005 CD DAWNRIDER – Fate Is Calling Pt. 1 (Massacre Records) *

* Guitarist
** Songwriter