the_quiet_monster_thumbnail2015 GLOOMBALL – The Quiet Monster

Album, produced by Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner


the_distance_thumbnail2013 GLOOMBALL – The Distance

Album, produced by Alexander Brusencev


the_distance_single_thumbnail2013 GLOOMBALL – The Distance

EP, produced by Alexander Brusencev


noiseart_thumbnail2012 V.A. – Music For The Better Taste
(NoiseArt Records)

Compilation-Album, Björn appears with VIVA LA TIA


shake_the_ground_thumbnail2012 MAJESTY – Shake The Ground
(Metal Entertainment)



new_german_rock_thumbnail2012 V.A. – New German Rock
(Golden Core Records)

Compilation-Album, Björn appears with VIVA LA TIA


rock_attack_vol1_thumbnail2012 V.A. – Rock Attack Vol. 1
(Fastball Music)

Compilation-Album, Björn appears with RAVENBLACK


klassifiziert_thumbnail2012 VIVA LA TIA – Klassifiziert
(NoiseArt Records)

Album, produced by Jochen Mayer


own_the_crown_thumbnail2011 MAJESTY – Own The Crown
(Massacre Records)

Best of-Album


tribute_thumbnail2011 VA. – T.R.I.B.U.T.E. – Das Album zur G.O.N.D.

Compilation-Album, Björn appears with VIVA LA TIA


neverending_fire_thumbnail2010 BÖRN AGAIN – Neverending Fire
(High Roller Records)

2-Track-Single, produced by Bart Gabriel


magic_circle_thumbnail2008 V.A. – Magic Circle Festival Vol. 2
(Magic Circle Music)

Compilation-DVD, Björn appears with METALFORCE


rip_thumbnail2007 R:I:P – …Out To R:I:P All Nations!!!
(Twilight Zone Records)

Album, produced by Björn Daigger & Fabian Pospiech


hellforces_thumbnail2006 MAJESTY – Hellforces
(Massacre Records)

Album, produced by Stefan Kaufmann


sonsofanewmillenium2006 MAJESTY – Sons Of A New Millenium
(Massacre Records)

EP, produced by Stefan Kaufmann


keep_it_true_thumbnail2005 V.A. – Keep It True IV
(Steelpride Records)

Compilation-DVD, Björn appears with MAJESTY


dawnrider_thumbnail2005 DAWNRIDER – Fate Is Calling Pt. 1
(Massacre Records)

Album, produced by Tarek Maghary